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Mar 25. 2017
Mother Scrubber: Talitha Minnis – A Mums Guide To Beauty
Talitha is what we like to call a Mother Scrubber: A Mum who loves to scrub and even shares hers with her Cute son August. What a smooth pair. As mothers day is just around the corner we’ve decided to get up close and caffeinated with model and beauty blogger Talitha Minnis who has just… View Article
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28th January 2017
What to say on Valentines day 💘
25th January 2017
Get the perfect pedicure with your coffee scrub – No appointment needed
4th January 2017
Cellu – later! How to get rid of cellulite in 5 steps
26th December 2016
Do you have Christmas Body?
20th December 2016
Last Minute Present Dash?
9th December 2016
Surviving the Office Party, Grounded Style
9th October 2016
Halloween Proof Your Skin #GetGrounded
27th September 2016
1 year ago
Happy National Self Improvement month (Bit of a mouthful, we know) I bet you didn’t know that. Or maybe you did. But Yes, its officially the month where we need to focus wholly on ourselves and what will make us better day in day out. How refreshing. Here is where we come in. Now of… View Article
1 year ago
This week we launched our new DRY SKIN BUNDLE; as we get hundreds of queries from you guys asking us which of our products are best suited for dry skin. This is not surprising really considering 50% of the (worldwide) population suffer from dry skin or a related condition. So naturally we decided to focus our latest… View Article
1 year ago
Acne. Spots. Scarring. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. We’re giving you the Lowdown on Spot Control so you can spend more time coffee scrubbing and less time panicking. Spots. Some are Good. And some are bad. To Name a Few: Spots, Pimples, Blackheads & Acne. As long as we have a body at some point… View Article
1 year ago
Get your body ready for Rio The countdown to the Rio Olympics is on. With 3 days to go until your TV, Magazine and Social media feed is going to be filled with sports action galore – with the some of the fittest people on the planet gracing your screens. Normally we’d be sitting there… View Article
1 year ago
This week we’re talking about the 3 B’s: ”Bras, Body Confidence and Body Scrub” with the wonderful Designers at Elomi Lingerie. As you may know last week we teamed up with the Gorgeous Lingerie Company Elomi to Give you a chance to win an Elomi Set and some skin pampering Grounded Goodies. (All you have to do is… View Article
1 year ago
Rise and Grind Folks – How to have the best morning. Ever heard the phrase ‘Seize The Day’ but not quite sure how its possible to do that every single day? Well we believe that it starts first thing in the morning. Some people are much better at it than others and with our little… View Article
1 year ago
Getting Festival Ready with Grounded. Getting everything ready for a festival is nothing but excitement as you prepare for days of music, friends, adventures and partying. With the Grounded Festival Guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy in the sun so you can have an unforgettable festival experience. No1: Do all… View Article
1 year ago
Click here To Take the quiz Now we all know what constitutes as a good body scrub, right? It’s soft but rough enough on you to remove dead skin, you use it in the shower..etc.etc..etc Wrong. It’s also got to have added ingredient’s that add moisture to your skin as when your busy scrubbing away,… View Article
1 year ago
Grounded’s Top ten reasons why you should be using a coffee body scrub. Some people exfoliate every single week whilst others (believe it or not) have no idea what exfoliation is.  For those who don’t, it’s the process of using small granules to buff the skin and its an essential part of skin care and should… View Article
2 years ago
The Times style and Beauty Awards 2016 have just launched. Its time to get clicking to vote for all your favourite products, old and new. The best part? We’ve been nominated amongst the new exciting products to have recently hit the market! At Grounded Body Scrub, we’re absolutely delighted to have been nominated for a… View Article
2 years ago
How to get the perfect tan ? Hey folk’s as you all know summer is fast approaching, the jumpers are getting thrown and those pasty english summer legs are starting to come out! Going from pale to bronze has its benefits —it adds a warm healthy glow to the skin, masks our not so loved blemishes,… View Article
2 years ago
Coffee Solves Everything ♥ Ever feel like you can’t drag yourself out of bed? Get a Coffee! Catching up with a friend? Get a coffee! Having a great day? Get a coffee! Its no secret that coffee is one of life’s pleasures and yet using it on your skin is a relatively new concept for… View Article