We’re checking out what Christmas food does to your body and what you can do to counteract it.

So you can feel gorgeous post Christmas Gorge.

So, what does Christmas do to your skin?

Well we will tell you.

We’re taking a trip down food memory lane – I.e. The food that you’ve most likely consumed/hoovered up within the last 48 hours to an excitingly excessive degree.

By the end of it you’ll either congratulate yourself on such saintly food choices this holiday, or you’ll be reaching for your Grounded Christmas box to remedy some of those devilish choices. Either way I think you’ll all agree with us that whatever you chose it was 100% worth it.

Happy Carb-Mas! Lets start with Carbs:

With Carbs its easy to have a love/hate relationship with them – including many break-ups and comfort eating make-ups. But its certainly not Christmas without some doughy/sugary goodness. Wouldn’t you agree?

Pro’s: Gives us enough energy for all those board games, dancing and present opening. They help the body absorb calcium – especially that HUGE cheese board. Plus, they help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Not so Pro: Too much of anything is bad especially when it comes to sugary carbs. These can cause skin inflammation from spike’s in the body’s insulin which can then lead to your body to produce Enzymes which break down collagen and elastin.  Meaning weakened skin, broken down collagen and wrinkles.

Verdict: Although sugary carbs may lead to inflammation and breakouts – Don’t sweat it. Your Christmas pig out should only be a few days long and wont be enough to cause serious damage but take care of your skin with a few day’s detox and don’t skip the scrub. Our Coffee scrubs help to reduce skin inflammation with soothing salt and will draw out impurities so you’ll exit Christmas looking as good (or even better) as when you came in.

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In the Christmas Spirit? Lets talk Booze:

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. So it makes the perfect occasion to raise a glass or two of bubbly. But like all good things in life, moderation is key.

Pro’s: That warm fuzzy happy feeling, the memories made and the social side of sampling delicious Christmas drinks. Plus if you had a glass of water for every alcoholic drink then you’re most likely going to be feeling great.

Not so Pro’s: Now we’re not here to party poop but Alcohol is pretty bad for your skin. So bad that the New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez has said that it is ‘’one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin’’. The reason its so bad is that it completely dehydrates your skins membrane. So the bouncy, full and hydrated skin you’ve been working to achieve can be sucked out if you’ve gone beyond moderate drinking. It can also cause inflammation and widened blood vessels too – which explains that red and puffy face.

Verdict: In this case the less the merrier for you skin. If you’ve had a merry Christmas when its come to booze then keep your water levels up, eat fresh and take good care of your skin.
A Coffee Scrub will help by restricting your skins blood vessels lessening the reddish hue of your skin and will help rehydrate it with nourishing oils. Good as new.

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Fries and Shine. Let’s talk Grease. (No not the Movie.)

If you’ve been scoffing everything and anything that’s fried such as Chips, Pizza or Pigs in Blankets this season then you’ve more than likely consumed lots of grease.

Pro’s: Well it’s just delicious isn’t it.

Not so Pro’s: Greasy Food = Greasy Skin and Hair. The body acts a filter for everything we eat and unfortunately for us, grease’ last port of call through the body is.. you guessed it; Your Skin. Eating grease can lead to blocked, clogged and full looking pores everywhere, including your scalp.

Verdict: A deep cleanse will right even the greasiest of wrongs and we’ve got the perfect solution. Apply some coffee scrub on your skin to unblock pores, cleanse your skin and exfoliate away all the nasty’s. Then Smooth on a Grounded Hair Mask and leave in for an hour and a half to all night, to unblock your hair follicles. Your pores will thank you for it.

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Oh, I wish I could have caffeine every day. 

Although Coffee Scrub’s are amazing for your skin in many many ways. Consuming caffeine is another story as it works through the body in a completely different way. You can find this stimulating substance in Chocolate, Fizzy Drinks, Tea, Energy Drink’s and of course Coffee.

Pro’s: It keep’s you awake for all the festivities, will improve your alertness and even your memory – great for when you were trying to remember your cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s name.

Not so Pros: Caffeine when eaten or drank can dehydrate your body from the inside. Toxins are produced by your liver which can disrupt your skins health and can even lead to acne.

Verdict: As it’s Christmas, a latte or two can’t hurt but remember to keep your skins water topped up and maybe switch to green tea for the new year for a while.

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