Grounded Body

New Grounded Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder (500g)


Collagen is the most present protein found in our bodies which is present in our Bones, Skin, Hair, Nails and our Organs. Grounded Hydrolyzed Collagen is made from Grass Fed Animals. Our Collagen is made in the most non harmful and natural way making sure your bodies benefit in the most effective way from our pure protein peptides.

What i will do ?

Help reverse the signs of ageing

Help build muscles and burn fat

Promotes skin elasticity,

Help to target cellulite 

Help with Joint Pain.


Add 2 tbs of me to your smoothie or drink i taste much better with a fruit juice. 


Pure 100% Hydrolyzed Grass Fed Bovine Collagen Powder 

 Product Not Suitable for Vegans


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