Get Fresh . Get Smooth . Get Grounded

Grounded body scrub ® is the UK’s leading coffee scrub company specialising in creating beautiful body care products for those who love to take care of their skin.

Our exfoliating coffee scrubs are made with ground Robusta coffee to boost circulation and to tighten and brighten your complexion. Grounded Body Scrubs are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for healthy beautiful skin.

Why Choose Grounded?

I help scrub away any dry, dead or flaky skin!

I'm full of vitamins, mineral's and anti-oxidants!

I leave you and your bathroom smelling like a tropical paradise!

I'm made with real ground Robusta coffee beans to tighten and brighten your skin!

While you're waiting for our scrub to work its magic, why not take a selfie? Tag us @groundedbodyscrub and #getgrounded and you could see yourself on our page!

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