Frequently asked questions
How do i use the Scrubs?
Use me in the shower, wet your skin then take a handful of my gorgeous scrub.
Gently massage me into your skin in circular motions
concentrating on the problem areas. Leave me on for 5-10 minutes
then wash off to reveal super soft
and supple skin.. Voila
How do I use Hair Masks?
Wet your hair first and take a small squirt of my tropical hair care.
Apply me through the ends of your hair and massage slowly into your scalp.
Leave me on working my magic for 30 minutes or for best results
let me stay with you all night. Wash off with shampoo and feel the magic of soft,
shiny and dandruff free hair.
Remember a little of me goes a long way so go easy
Where is grounded made?
I am always made in the UK with love and care
Is Grounded cruelty free?
Yes I care about animals that’s why me and all of my ingredients
have never been tested on animals
Why are the scrubs made with Coffee?
Coffee has been used in skin care for hundreds of years it has many health benefits.
The coffee in my scrubs also acts as a diuretic helping to clear
away waste and toxins from under your skin, great for puffy eyes and cellulite.
Is Grounded ok for sensitive skin?
Yes i am :), best suited for you sensitive scrubbers is my coconut body scrub.
For sensitive skin on the face though we advise the Face Scrubs Range as my grinds
are alot finer and softer.
How many times fo i scrub a week?
I’m best used 2-3 times a week, don’t use me every day as i will over exfoliate
Do i need moisturiser after scrubbing?
Usually i leave you very moisturised i am packed
full of hydrating oils like sweet almond oil and vitamin E.
If you feel you need to moisturise there is no harm in doing so
Is Grounded Vegan?
All of my products are vegan apart from my Lip Balms
i contain Beeswax in these
Which payment methods do you support?
You can pay for me with Visa, American Express,
aestro, Mastercard, Solo, Visa and even Paypal
How long do deliveries take?
Me and my tropical self usually arrive within 2-3 working days
i’m always tracked and packed safely
I want to work for Grounded?
Please contact
and they will able to pass your cv onto the team.
How many full uses is each Body Scrub?
Each of my gorgeous coffee scrubs lasts around
10-12 uses full body

My delivery hasn’t arrived?
Please contact
they will be able to help you immediately
Are the scrubs safe for pregnant users?
Yes I am safe for pregnant users however we always
advise speaking with your doctor first as I am
high in caffeine.

Returns Policy?
If for some reason you do not like
me make sure you contact
and we will be happy to help you straight away.