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Our Story

We’re Grounded Body Scrub – The UK’s leading coffee scrub company.
We specialise in creating
beautiful body care products for those who love to take care of their skin.
But we didn’t start off like that.
It all started in our owners Lloyd and Tasha’s Kitchen at their home in Leigh on Sea –this is where our first coffee scrub was made and is the humble birthplace for our amazing company.

Why did we made a coffee scrub?

Well, our owner Tasha had been suffering with Dry and Itchy Eczema for the majority of her life and was tired of using
over the counter medicines. So she asked Lloyd to make her a coffee scrub; something which she used
whilst holidaying in Bali and had great success with.
We experimented with different oils and scents until we created our
first scrub – The grapefruit coffee scrub.
Giving our scrubs out to family and friends we decided that we were onto
something. So we began to Brand the company, we both thought
the name had to be something to do with coffee and with help from one
friend we came up with the name Grounded. We Then embarked on some serious coffee scrub creation by developing the Coconut and Chocolate Orange scents. We wanted to showcase our brand and products, so we both then decided to do a trade show at Professional Beauty – With help from our family we built a big tropical stage with palm trees, coconuts and presented ourprouducts to the public. Everyone went crazy for them and we sold out by the second day.

While everyone was crowding the stage and trying our scrubs we got approached by the BBC producers from the TV show Dragons Den who asked if we wanted to be on the show. We thought it was a joke until
we got home and they had emailed. We thought this was a great idea and would be big exposure for Grounded so we decided to go ahead.

Where we are now
It’s been a tough hard journey for us and our team along the way but the hard work has payed off. Grounded is stocked in over 30 countries worldwide and has developed from a coffee scrub made in the kitchen to a
whole body care brand.

You can find our products stocked from Boots and Holland and Barrett in the UK.
You can find our products on airlines such as Hong Kong Airlines and Thomas Cook. 
You'll also find our products in Dubai, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia all the way to Multi Retailers in the USA.

We always believed in ourselves and think this has been the reason why we have got the company where it is today.
Oh and obviously the help from all our loyal scrubbers along the way
So Thank you.

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