Black Magic: The Surprising Benefits of Charcoal

Black Magic: The Surprising Benefits of Charcoal

No, you haven't accidentally found your way to a barbecue enthusiast's page.

Instead, you've arrived at an article that explores the benefits of charcoal for your skin and teeth.

Although associated with beauty for the last couple of years, It's understandable that charcoal isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of white, clean, and detoxified. It's usually connected to the exact opposite, such as the ashy black appearance of coal miners.

However, this black carbon residue has been used for centuries for multiple purposes, such as medicine, art, and cooking. In our quest to look for natural ingredients, we came across charcoal as a multi-purpose powerhouse. Below are a few reasons it's included in some of our best-selling products. Charcoal whitens teeth That's right; activated charcoal is thought to detoxify your mouth and reveal a beautiful set of pearly whites.

This use of charcoal goes back to the Romans in 27B. They used this helpful trick mixed with bark to keep their teeth clean! The reason is that charcoal is super absorbent and latches onto the bacteria in your mouth, as well as stains and leftover food particles. By rubbing the powder onto your teeth, your gently buffing the enamel to reveal a sparkly clean surface. Our Charcoal teeth whitening powder is crafted to do just that. It is tasteless and odorless, so it's not as scary as it looks! Our formula is also gentle on teeth and has dentist-approved calcium carbonate to improve oral health. Charcoal exfoliates the skin. Pollution is a significant factor that causes skin irritation, especially if you live in the city.

Just like in our Charcoal teeth whitening powder, the activation of charcoal helps the skin by absorbing toxins and dirt. It goes into the pores and lifts out the impurities that cause irritation. This benefit makes it especially helpful for people who struggle with acne. Charcoal also absorbs and removes excess oil, which helps minimize pores and create a healthy, even shine. We designed our activated Charcoal coffee scrub and our Charcoal based Pimple Potion to help utilize this property in the best way. Our Charcoal coffee scrub draws out impurities and leaves the skin flawless and smooth and the Pimple potion absorbs toxins, excess sebum and binds to everything you need pulled out that's causing issues which leads to spots, inflammation and clogged pores.

It's a natural way to get your skin buff and radiant without using the harmful nature of microbeads. This charcoal scrub uses its detoxifying qualities combined with the anti-aging benefits of coffee (a Grounded favorite). Coffee is also known to have antioxidant properties and works in combination with charcoal to enhance the natural brightening effect. Along with these two benefits, we take advantage of them here at Grounded. Activated charcoal powder also has been used in other medicines to improve kidney health, intestinal problems, and as an effective deodorant.

Whether you decide to use the Charcoal whitening powder for your oral health or the Charcoal coffee scrub on your skin, you're making a conscious effort to use a natural product that has withstood the test of time. 

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