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BEAUTY BLOG - The Daily Espresso

Tips to get the perfect Tan

by lloyd Hazell |

  Hey folk’s as you all know summer is fast approaching, the jumpers are getting thrown and those pasty english summer legs are starting to come out! Going from pale to bronze has its benefits —it adds a warm healthy glow to the skin, masks our not so loved blemishes, and helps make colourful clothes stand out. It can...

Rise and Grind – The Morning Awaits

by lloyd Hazell |

Rise and Grind Folks – How to have the best morning. Ever heard the phrase ‘Seize The Day’ but not quite sure how its possible to do that every single day? Well we believe that it starts first thing in the morning. Some people are much better at it...

Spots – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

by lloyd Hazell |

Acne. Spots. Scarring.The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. We’re giving you the Lowdown on Spot Control so you can spend more time coffee scrubbing and less time panicking. Spots. Some are Good. And some...


by lloyd Hazell |

Why? A pore’s sole job is to release sweat, oil and hormones to the top layer of skin to keep it cool and clean. But instead, day in and day out we’re clogging, waxing, shaving, moisturising over and irritating them instead. This means extra stress for your skin and that’s...

Get the perfect pedicure with your coffee scrub – No appointment needed

by lloyd Hazell |

The best place for a pedicure? The tub. It’s time to cancel your salon appointment and head to the tub. Because we’re showing you how to give your feet the ultimate rub down with your trusty coffee scrub. Smooth & sexy feet coming your way. So what’s required? The Peppermint...

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