How to Grow your hair Longer, Stronger and Healthier with Coconut Oil 🥥

Looking to grow your hair Longer?

Stronger? Healthier? Shinier? And More Luscious?

If that’s a resounding yes, then read on.

Now the reason for your long hair lust may vary - Although it’s more than likely that it could be to rectify an over-enthusiastic hair stylist’s ‘trim’ (I mean when does that not happen!) 

or maybe you’ve just had a baby and are you now victim to fluffy baby hairs sprouting around your head like a halo 

Either way, we’ve got some tips to help your hair grow but also to keep your overall head healthy incorporating a Coconut Oil Based Routine 🥥

Without further a due, let’s get cracking.. 

 To start with you’re going to need to cool it with the heat during this time because that’s going to stop hair from reaching its full potential when it comes to growth, so less hair dryers, tongs, straighteners.. let’s get wild. 


Secondly you’ll need to grab a Coconut Oil based mask such as our Coconut and Lime Hair Mask (with Caffeine) or even just plain Coconut oil from the Kitchen if that’s all you’ve got right now 🥥 Apply a full mask to you hair after shampooing. Do this as much as you can during the week and leave on for as mmm as possible.

You can apply Coconut to dry hair but post shampoo is much better as the hairs cuticle is open and ready to absorb all those fatty chain acids, Vitamins and Nutrients that encourage growth, Strengthen emerging strands and Give your hair some healthy shine 🥥 

Massage into strands from root to tip and Give your scalp and nice Indian Head Massage to stimulate those follicles. Not only does this feel amazing but healthy follicles produce healthy hair ✨

When you go out in the sun (beach,swimming) apply Coconut Oil from root to tip as the sun can also cause split ends and breakage which means more trips to the hairdressers. Coconut Oil Has a natural sun protection factor of around 4 which is suitable for helping to keep your hair frizz free and not fried. 


Diet is super important when trying to grow your hair longer. Your going to want to incorporate Omega 3, Vitamin A, C, Biotin and Protein into your diet - Spinach, Supplements, Meats, Fruit. All of these nutrients will flow to your hair follicles where they are used to help build Keratin and all the essential building blocks of strong hair.


Other tips include investing in a hair towel rather than a heavy towel, do not brush hair when wet and lastly.. put the scissors down.








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