We asked AI to create a model with Coffee Scrub on.. this is how it went.

When AI Goes Awry: The Hilarious Tale of Our Coffee Scrub 'Model'

This is a blog dedications to when we put the 'AI' in 'Fail'.

In the world of marketing, creativity knows no bounds.

So, when we decided to use AI to generate images of people using our coffee scrub products after hearing how easy it is, we never imagined the comedic chaos that would ensue.

Picture this: instead of showcasing smooth, radiant skin, our AI-generated models ended up looking like they'd bathed in a hair-infused concoction!

Here's the uproarious story behind our misadventure and why we've decided to stick with real human models for all future campaigns.

The Misadventure Unfolds:

It all started innocently enough - With our interest Piqued and our hopes high we began.

Eager to test the amazing AI which could in turn streamline our marketing efforts and explore cutting-edge technology, we turned to artificial intelligence to create images of individuals enjoying our luxurious coffee scrub.

With promises of hyper-realistic results, we fed the AI various inputs—coffee beans, scrub jars, and bath settings—anticipating stunning visuals that would captivate our audience.

The Unforeseen Results:

To our surprise (and amusement), the AI had other plans. Instead of portraying individuals reveling in the rejuvenating effects of our scrub, the images depicted what can only be described as hair + coffee-splattered splodges straight - Well that didn’t go to plan.

Imagine models with coffee grounds clinging to chins like beards and hair like structures resembling eccentric avant-garde blurry patches sprawling the decollate rather than the glowing visages we had envisioned.

We tried 😂 

The Pros and Cons of Using AI for Image Creation:

While our AI adventure yielded unforgettable laughs, it also highlighted the pros and cons of relying solely on technology for image creation.


1. Efficiency: AI can generate images quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources compared to traditional photoshoots.
2. Customization: AI allows for endless possibilities in image manipulation, from adjusting lighting and backgrounds to enhancing details.
3. Accessibility: AI-driven image creation opens doors for smaller businesses with limited budgets to produce professional-looking visuals.


1. Lack of Artistic Judgment: AI lacks the nuanced understanding of human aesthetics and context, leading to unpredictable outcomes like our coffee-infused hair fiasco.
2. Unintended Consequences: The reliance on AI may inadvertently perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards or cultural stereotypes if not carefully monitored.
3. Inflexibility: AI-generated images may lack the authenticity and emotional connection that real human models convey, potentially diminishing brand appeal.

Why We'll Stick with Real Human Models:

While our foray into AI-generated imagery provided endless entertainment, it ultimately reaffirmed our commitment to authenticity and human connection. Here's why we'll continue to showcase real people in our campaigns:

1. Authenticity: Real human models bring authenticity and relatability to our brand, fostering genuine connections with our audience.
2. Emotional Impact: Human expressions and interactions evoke emotional responses that AI-generated images simply cannot replicate.
3. Diversity and Inclusion: Using real human models allows us to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels represented and valued.

In conclusion, while AI certainly has its place in the world of marketing, there's no substitute for the charm and authenticity of real human models. Our coffee scrub may work wonders for your skin, but when it comes to captivating imagery, we'll leave the laughs to our AI mishaps and stick with the tried-and-true beauty of humanity.

And if you do want to try our fabulous coffee scrubs in real life, just click here - because unlike these images, they won't disappoint.

We hope you enjoyed reading our story - Love and Scrubs x

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