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BEAUTY BLOG - The Daily Espresso

Whatever you’re doing.. STOP AND COP your boobs

by lloyd Hazell |

Hey Grounded Ladies and even Gents, We’ve got an important message that we need to get off our Chests – (yes, pun intended). Now we talk a lot about Coconuts but we’re here to talk about those other Coconuts. Yes your Boobs. Read More

Mumma Scrubber: Talitha Minnis – A Mums Guide To Beauty

by lloyd Hazell |

Talitha is what we like to call a Mother Scrubber:A Mum who loves to scrub and even shares hers with her Cute son August.What a smooth pair. As mothers day is just around the corner we’ve decided to get up close and caffeinated with model and beauty blogger Talitha Minnis who...

Cell u later! How to get rid of cellulite in 5 steps

by lloyd Hazell |

So, If you’re reading this you’ve got a bit of cellulite? Well heres a fact: Most of us do. No biggie Up to 84% of women have cellulite to some degree and that figure is much lower for men, they got lucky with their genes because their fat is stored deeper...

Ten Reasons why you need a Coffee Scrub in your life

by nixon troopsupport |

Grounded’s Top ten reasons why you should be using a coffee body scrub. Some people exfoliate every single week whilst others (believe it or not) have no idea what exfoliation is.  For those who don’t, it’s the process of using small granules to buff the skin and its an essential part of skin care and should not be skipped....

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