Setting up your own Facebook and Instagram

Setting up your own Facebook and Instagram page

One thing we would suggest doing as a new ambassador is setting up a new Facebook and Instagram account dedicated Soley for your Sales and Customers. Heres our Step By Step Guide to take you through it.

If you’ve never started a business page before or have but haven’t done sales it can seem a little daunting at first. But don’t worry about that we’ve created a step by step guide for you which will explain how to set up your own Social Media Pages, To Grow Them, how to utilize them to get the maximum sales and ultimately how to get creative with them. If you have done sales before, you can apply your experience and knowledge to this job and even share your tips in the Ambassador Facebook page.

Setting up your own page rather than using your personal pages will be more effective in the long run because the page will be solely for your business only and will not overlap with personal information and events. It’s also less stressful too (for you and your customers) and will allow you to focus and keep your customers all in one place - it also allows the people who are genuinely interested in skincare to view your posts. You can also use paid ads to promote your business and reach new people later down the line too.

Now first things first let’s show you how to set up a page and talk about your username.

To create a Facebook Page:

  1. Login to your account then Go to
  2. Click to choose a Page type: Brand/Sales - Health and Beauty is the best Option Here
  3. Fill out the required information.
  4. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.
    5. Upload your username and Images
    6. Connect with people by inviting them to like your page

To create a new Instagram page:
1. Create a new Email Address or Use one which isn’t already registered with an account
2. Head to
3. Click Create a New account
4. Upload your Username and Images
5. Connect with people by adding them

The best username would be to incorporate your name, our name and what you do. So some examples for Facebook would be:


You may want a shorter name to make it simpler so even names like this would work:


You can of course create your own similar to this style but the fundamental elements should be in there somewhere. Your shoppers need to know they're at the right destination for their needs :)

Your Bio and Page Description

Because your page is Soley for you and your customers so it’s best to have a Bio which is personal. It should explain who you are, what you do and what the page and grounded body is about. We’d also recommend a Coconut and Palm tree emoji or two ;)

Growing your pages

The most successful sales pages have active, regular, excited and engaged customers who not only love body care but also those who have skin concerns who you can help out and guide to choosing the right products. So to have these ,you will need to grow your customer base (with exciting engaging content which we’ll get to in a bit) – You do this by inviting all your family, friends and acquaintance’s which are on your personal Facebook or Instagram to like your page – Bonus if they share it too (Supportive Friends like these deserve a Christmas Present)!

This is why regular posting will help reach new people and if someone 'likes' your post you can then invite them to 'like' your page. Later on down the line, you can also use Facebook’s advert tools to promote your page to find new customers – we have a separate learning sheet for this which we’ll introduce another time.

We also recommend and introduction post too so people know who you are and what the page Is for.

Now we’ve got that sorted lets talk about Branding

We are a fun, fruity, tropical body care brand who love creating products for those who love to take care of themselves. So for our branding aka your post feeds, art and language think tropical beaches. You can go wild with colours such as purple, pinks, blues, beige, purple, green.

Your text needs to be bold, inspiriting, positive, feel good and encouraging, body positive, helpful, skin-clusive and informative.

What do I post?

1) On your pages you can post product images with captions that can include: Product Benefits, How to Use them, What Skin types the products are for.

It’s always a good idea to include our website in every post to direct customers (you ), Your discount code and the product price before and after the discount so If a customer wants to buy a product its much easier for them to just click the link straight from the post.

2) Posts where you can ask your customers questions such as their skin concerns, their travel plans (great if they’re thinking about buying skincare and toiletries to take with them), their skincare regimes, their life milestones (if they’re stressed they may need relaxing products, new workout regimes they made need cleansing products, new baby? They may want something for pampering/stretchmarks, new job? They may need something to destress). Its all about finding out and getting know your customers needs, so they find the products they love :)

3) Post Customer Content – Your customers will love to see honest reviews of the products, skin results, product testimonials, happy customer comments and stories. They prefer this over Brand content as it seems more down to earth, reliable and trustworthy so if you get some good news then why not share it

4) Videos if you like and follow the @groundedbody pages from your page you can share our video posts with your customers, you can also share them direct from YouTube too. We will send you a File of Videos for you

5) When you have built up a page with 200 or more customers you can request to us to hold a competition on your page – whereby you can offer a Grounded Product Prize to your customers. This would be sent out by our warehouse. We will send you more details on this at a later date.

6) Ingredients Posts: We will be sharing with you an Ingredient Dictionary which breaks down what the ingredients are in our products, what they do and why they’re in there. Posts like these show knowledge, help people find the right products for them and also show a transparency and honest approach to what they’re buying.

7) Local, Current Related News, Events and Holidays: If there’s a local event that people are getting ready for such as a party (Please note: Not with the current state of the world but during hopefully more social times in the future) then why not suggest our products to get them ready for it! If Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day Coming up? Post about it :)

8) Infographics – Again we will be creating lots of these for you to use or you can create these - Kudos if you’re a photoshop wizard! Because your skills will prove invaluable here.
*All Ingredients and product information Is on the individual product pages - so feel free to post this copy*

9) Skin Quizzes – We will be creating some interactive Quizzes for your customers to find out which products will work for your skin. We'll send these Via Email to you. 

10) How To's: How to's are a really nice way for your customers to read about how products are applied, their textures, their applications, the container/product vessel, 

11) New Product Alerts

12) A Product Carousel - Is where you post lots of different products at the same time. On Facebook you can drop and drag multiple photos in at the same time or on Instagram you upload by clicking the multiple images button - this allows your customers to scroll through different products which can be from the same range or you can create a Collection of products for an event or holiday you want to promote.

13) Celebrity Images - We have lots of different celebrities who use our products - you can repost these images on your pages.

14) Skin Routines for different skin types - We will be training you to understand different skin types and what products they need so you can help people find the right products at the right time :)

15) Blogs, News Storys, Magazine Coloumns which highlight beauty product’s.

16) Tropical Content - Tropical Images, Coconuts, Palm Trees, Coffee, Beaches are all an amazing way to stay on brand whilst posting. You can create your own content, capturing images with your phone or camera. You can take images from our social media by print screening, requesting an image from us or by using sites such as where you can use their images without a lisence. 
(Be careful not to use anyones images except ours without their permission/consent)

Remember you can also request content from us by using the Ambassador page and you can also print screen any images from our social media pages. We will be posting updated and ready to use content on the Facebook page so always keep an eye on this page.

How often should I post?

This is really down to you and what you find will fit into your schedule; We recommend starting with at least 1-5 Facebook posts per day and 3-6 Instagram posts per day. The more active you are the most your customers will be engaged and will see new products

We'll be adding lots more content for you to use but getting your platforms set up is the best thing you can do to start your exciting new business.

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