Ten Reasons why you need a Coffee Scrub in your life

Grounded’s Top ten reasons why you should be using a coffee body scrub.

Some people exfoliate every single week whilst others (believe it or not) have no idea what exfoliation is.  For those who don’t, it’s the process of using small granules to buff the skin and its an essential part of skin care and should not be skipped. Those who scrub have much healthier skin than those who don’t.
In our opinion, coffee is the best thing to exfoliate with and we’ll tell you why.
Heres our top ten reasons you should be using a coffee body scrub right now:

1) It removes dead skin from your body. The reason you need to do this is because we shed up to 40,000 skin cells every hour! Its a lot more than you think. Regular exfolaition helps to scrub this away giving your new skin space to grow through healthy and smooth.
What this means is less flakes, less patchiness and less rough skin. Perfect.

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2) Coffee Body Scrubs are rougher than your average scrub, yet soft enough to scrub away even the toughest of dry skin. So that dry skin on your elbow, face or legs will be completely removed. We’re not joking with you, you’ll be left smoother than a babies but. You won’t be able to stop touching your skin. Trust us.


3) Have you ever walked into a coffee shop when you’re feeling a little bit lazy or a bit tired, and suddenly the aroma wakes you up and lifts your mood. Thats exactly how a coffee body scrub makes you feel. Like you’ve had 10 hours blissful sleep. So if you’re feeling like your skin needs to wake up a coffee scrub is perfect!

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4) It helps to tone up your skin; Coffee body scrubs are packed with exfoliating granules. When scrubbed in circular motions on places where your skin is less toned, including cellulite, it can help the area become firmer over time. The scrubbing helps to break down the fibrous bands which causes cellulite to appear on your skin.


5) Coffee Granules contains anti-oxidants therefore its helps to stimulates collagen production. What this means for you is that you’re skin is less likely to sag or generate wrinkles. Think of a coffee body scrub as an anti-ageing secret , without a hefty price tag.

6) Coffee body scrub’s contain Vitamin E. Combined with regular scrubbing helps reduce the appearance of stretch Marks over time. Awesome

7) The next best thing, has to be that clean and fresh feeling you get after stepping out the shower. Its been referred to as ‘becoming a new person’. Hence our phrase: ‘Get Fresh, Get Smooth, Get Grounded’. Skin will be left completely free of impurities, dirt and general stuff which ends up on our skin during the day.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 21.36.00

8) Coffee scrubs are a natural and completely safe to use over the whole body and it doesn’t matter how much you use. More is always More with coffee body scrubs :)

9) Have you ever tried to put make-up or fake tan on skin thats not quite smooth? It’s a nightmare and sometimes a waste of product if you need to keep reapplying. It goes either  streaky or just plain wrong. Coffee body scrubs create the most amazing and flawless base, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.

 10) It’s quick and easy and gives you more time to do stuff like this:


So, thats our list, do you have any others?
Let us know!

And, If you’re wondering what’s the downside?

Well, quite frankly we can’t think of any.

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