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Get the perfect pedicure with your coffee scrub – No appointment needed

The best place for a pedicure? The tub.

It’s time to cancel your salon appointment and head to the tub.

Because we’re showing you how to give your feet the ultimate rub down with your trusty coffee scrub.

Smooth & sexy feet coming your way.

So what’s required?

The Peppermint Body Scrub – because it energizes tired toes and invigorates skin.
A towel
Your tub
Your tootsies
A Grounded Hair Mask
Nail Varnish remover (optional)

Step one:

Remove all nail varnish and then soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in warm water – soap optional.
This opens your nail cuticles ready for conditioning, softens your skin, relaxes feet and calms nerves.

You can use this time to listen to some music, read a magazine or think about ways to show off your gorgeous feet. You’ll want too.

Step two:

Remove your feet from the water and lay on a towel or drain the water from the tub. Take a small handful of the peppermint coffee scrub from the packet and give your feet a good scrub down with both hands – massaging in for 5 minutes. Pay attention to the heel area and in between your toes.

Spending extra time scrubbing your feet will benefit you in many ways. It will help scrub away dry/dead skin, buff down calloused skin, smooth rough skin and remove bacteria which may be harbouring around down there.

Scrubbing your feet will also boost blood circulation and calm inflammation making it the perfect feet treat if you’re used to standing up all day.

Step three:

Time to put the cute into cuticles. Using a small amount of scrub gently massage into your cuticles for a few minutes. This loosens and removes excess skin, moisturises and conditions the nail bed making your nails look and feel healthier.

Step Four

Wash the coffee scrub off with warm water and then wrap in a towel to dry them.
You’ll notice your skin feels soft, smooth and glistening with health. They’re almost ready for those heels ;)

Step 5

Take a small blob of the Grounded Hair Mask and massage into your nails, into your heels and into areas which are prone to dryness. The coconut oil inside the mask moisturises and softens skin so it’s the perfect addition to your pedicure. It also seal’s in moisture, repairs damage and adds essential vitamins and minerals to your skin.

It’s no wonder we’re coconuts over coconut.

Step 6

Just like you, your feet need to chill so spend some time with your feet up, put your nail varnish back on or relax them in some slippers.

Because your feet need loving too <3

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