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Mumma Scrubber: Talitha Minnis – A Mums Guide To Beauty

Talitha is what we like to call a Mother Scrubber:
A Mum who loves to scrub and even shares hers with her Cute son August.
What a smooth pair.

As mothers day is just around the corner we’ve decided to get up close and caffeinated with model and beauty blogger Talitha Minnis who has just recently began her journey into the wonderful world of Motherhood. Not that it shows; this Manchester beauty is all glowy skin, toned tummy & huge smiles when we meet. We catch up with her to get the daily espresso on her beauty secrets.

First things first; congratulations on your cute little Son August; has this changed the way you take care of your skin?

”Thank you, I love him! Having August meant that my life got a tiny bit more hectic so I’ve had to make sure I wash my makeup off every night and take care of my skin a little more.”

The Cutest; Scrubbing with August!

We’ve noticed your skin is extra smooth; you’re like a glowy goddess. What is your beauty-must have product?

”My skincare must have is the Chocolate Orange Body Scrub. The way it smells and how soft it makes my skin feel after my baths and showers is amazing.”

If you could scrub anywhere in the world where would it be?

”I would love to scrub in Bali or in the Maldives.”

Dreamy Bali; the ideal scrub setting.

Noted. Motherhood must be totally amazing and busy; as a result it must also mean missing out on essential sleep sometimes.
How do you combat this?

”Lack of sleep is a bugger and there is really nothing as good as sleeping loads. I would say, keep hydrated and use products that tighten and hydrate your skin. This is exactly what these scrubs do.”

It’s Smiles all round when you smell this delicious!

If you could take one Grounded product to an exotic island; what would it be and why?

”I think I would take the hair mask because it makes my hair so soft and smells exotic too.”

Do you have a favourite Grounded Product?

”I don’t know if i have a favourite simply because I love all of them as they all work so well. The scrubs I use A LOT but I’m really in love with the Bubblegum Lip Scrub.”

How do you prefer your coffee; as a drink or scrubbing with it?

”Both. I may have to turn scrubbing with it and drinking it into my morning routine.”

You know what they say, you can never have too much Coffee.
From what we’ve learnt from Talitha Minnis is that she prefers her skincare Fresh, Natural and Caffeinated.

..And Thats what we’re all about.


We hope all the gorgeous Mother Scrubber’s get spoilt this mothers day,
don’t forget to send us your photos on social media.
Love and Scrubs;
Grounded x

Images: Adam Wilson at Packshot Factory London. Make-up: Libby J Make-up

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