Tips to get the perfect Tan


Hey folk’s as you all know summer is fast approaching, the jumpers are getting thrown and those pasty english summer legs are starting to come out!

Going from pale to bronze has its benefits —it adds a warm healthy glow to the skin, masks our not so loved blemishes, and helps make colourful clothes stand out.

It can be a tricky business, getting the right tan—the fact we have to worry about UV rays damaging our skin, the awkward orange colours we wanna try to avoid, and those annoying tan lines to consider.

With a little bit of Grounded knowledge , you can get that perfect tan you’re all looking for. Follow these easy and simple steps!

  • Start the day fresh

    — Exfoliate your skin to remove built up oils and fragrances and to expose the top layer of skin. (we advise our coconut body scrub for this one)

  • Apply the right sunscreen

    — Again this is very important getting burnt isn’t fun and nobody wants to watch there tan peel off along with there fried skin!


    —  Taking breaks from the sun will not only reduce the chance of getting heat stroke but will reduce UV intensity and your risk of sunburn this means your tan will be healthier and longer-lasting.

  • Your diet

    — Strangely enough what we EAT can protect us from burning in the sun, certain foods are known to increase lycopene, the skin’s own SPF, things like tomatoes and other red and orange fruit and veg. You will all love this ..Dark Chocolate is packed with certain flavonoids that can help protect against the sun, while caffeine is said to help cut your skin cancer risk (excuse for a coffee scrub no doubt!).

  • Moisturising

    –Moisturisers help to replace the thin layer of lipids that protects your skin from any water loss. Any moisturiser will be fine, but consider using one with Vitamin A.

Well there you have it folks a few of our tips to get you that perfect summer glow!

For exfoliation we advise the Coconut Scrub @

It’s packed with extra Virgin Coconut Oil and is also very high in caffeine!  Great before spending a day in the sun!



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