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Whatever you’re doing.. STOP AND COP your boobs

Hey Grounded Ladies and even Gents,

We’ve got an important message that we need to get off our Chests – (yes, pun intended). Now we talk a lot about Coconuts but we’re here to talk about those other Coconuts. Yes your Boobs.

As some of you may know we included our Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub and Our NEW Cherry coffee scrub in the gorgeous Galactic looking, Swirly Purple Birchbox this month.

But enough about their delightful looking boxes (We can ogle at these later) and get onto the important message highlighted inside each box from Breast Cancer Charity CoppaFeel; Which is to quite literally ‘COP A FEEL’ to check for signs of Breast Cancer, pronto. In fact check as much as you can and whenever you can because according to CoppaFeel:

  • 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • Every year in the UK, around 5,000 women under the age of 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer.*
  • Around 400 men are diagnosed every year.

But the good news is that if you find something unusual and get it checked out early its very treatable.

So we’re here to remind you first and foremost to STOP AND COP your Boobs today.
& one of the best times to do this is shower with me or with a mirror.

No need to google how, we’ve done to research for you.

So, what should you look out for?

Changes in Shape, Size, Colour, Changes in Nipple placement, Dimpling, Puckering, Bulging, Rashes, Soreness, Swelling, Changes in feel and firmness, Secretions or if you feel any pain.

And, Where should I check?

Breast tissue surrounds the entire chest and breast area including under your armpits & under your collarbone. Check all of these areas.

If you feel anything unusual or our of the ordinary its best to report it to your GP, just in case.

So lets get to it.


Information Credit: www.coppafeel.org/your-boobs/why-check-your-boobs/

Want to grab this months Birchbox? Head here Be quick, it wont be around for long!

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