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Rise and Grind – The Morning Awaits

Rise and Grind Folks – How to have the best morning.

Ever heard the phrase ‘Seize The Day’ but not quite sure how its possible to do that every single day? Well we believe that it starts first thing in the morning.

Some people are much better at it than others and with our little guide, we will show you how to make the most of your first waking moments and how to have the best morning ever, every single day. Because good morning = good day. Well almost :)

Drink water before you go to bed and first thing when you first wake up. A glass will do. Your skin will feel plump, hydrated and soft when you get up. Mix it up by adding lemon, cucumber or lime for extra vitamins.

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Bonus: Less Bloating, Feeling fuller and a better digestive system.

Get Grounded – Now, not to blow our own horns but a morning scrub (whether it’s a full body coffee scrub (£15) or a cleansing face scrub £8.95) gets you ready for the day like nothing else. Some people describe exfoliating with Grounded as ‘becoming a new person’ and there’s a good reason for that. You will scrub away dry, dead and flakey skin cells and emerge from the shower smoother, softer and a lot more supple.

Bonus: You’re morning routine will be halved in time. Exfoliating, Moisturising, Cleansing, Toning and Smoothing all combined into one scrub session. Easy Peasy.

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Get Social – No we’re not talking about getting social on your phone (unless its checking out the Grounded Body Scrub Twitter feed, Facebook or website). We’re talking about real life social interaction. Some people are more prone to this than others, but its now a very common thing to have breakfast whilst staring into the screen of your phone (Normally accompanied by ignoring people and responding with mumbles). While it may feel productive to check your emails, calls and messages first thing. Trust us, it isn’t. It actually makes people feel more stressed out, because you’re devoting what should be ”your time” to someone/thing else. That’s no way to start a day. We suggest waiting an hour minimum before you start tapping your way through your phone. You’ll feel much better.

Bonus: You’ll spend more time talking to people in your life and you can take this time to ask people to get involved in your Grounded coffee-faced selfies.  Always a winner.

Yes before you ask, this also include laptops.

Eat Breakfast – This one is very important, you should always grab something nutritious, filling and healthy to start the day right. Fruit is a great starting point here, especially if you’ve not got much time. Heard the term ‘hangry’? That’s Hungry and Angry. Also, going back to the phone point, you also eat more and unhealthier foods whilst doodling around on your phone. So the new mantra is: breakfast before texting.

Bonus: You’ll become better at cooking or you may even go out and find a great breakfast spot. After all life is about experiences.


Get Outside and soak up at least 15-20 minutes of sunshine every day. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D helps us to absorb calcium and boosts our mood. Rain or shine, just hop outside and absorb some sunny goodness. If it’s a nice day, why not add some exercise to the mix. If you’ve got a dog they’ll also appreciate the extra walks.


Bonus: You’ll feel better and If you haven’t coffee scrubbed that morning, it’s a sure fire way of achieving a gorgeous glow. Remember the sunscreen.

Wear cute underwear. This one’s a no-brainer. Wearing nice underwear can make all the difference to your day. Bad, loose or old underwear can mean you’ll feel a bit frumpish, lackluster and a bit ‘meh’. Whereas if you add a lovely bright, well fitted and matching underwear to your morning mix you’ll feel like a goddess all day long. We promise.

Bonus: Your Gorgeous Underwear will match your Gorgeous Skin. Smiles all round!

5) Wake up as soon as you wake up. Snoozing means your loosing. By loosing we mean that, as research suggests, you’re no less tired If you snooze than if you don’t, so you’re losing bits of time doing something that you could spend doing something that you like. So wake up, enjoy the morning, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a bit of ‘you time’. Try out a new make-up look, enjoy a scrub session or read a magazine. You’ll feel relaxed, chilled and ready for the day ahead. Unless it’s the weekend. Of course, you can snooze then.


Bonus: All this extra time will make you more punctual, more awake and you’ll have much more scrub time. Win


Hope you’ve enjoyed the Rise and Grind Early Morning Guide to help you seize the day. If you’ve got any other tip or tricks feel free to leave a comment below your favourite product or find us on our social media.

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Alternatively if your looking for a coffee scrub to PERK up your morning head over to our PRODUCTS page where you’ll find everything you need for a smooth morning.

Head to the Products Page

Love and Scrubs,
The Grounded Team x

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