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A pore’s sole job is to release sweat, oil and hormones to the top layer of skin to keep it cool and clean. But instead, day in and day out we’re clogging, waxing, shaving, moisturising over and irritating them instead. This means extra stress for your skin and that’s not even the half of it. Take into consideration Pollution, Sunscreen, Make-up and the Dead Skin Build up and then more.
So, no wonder they’re causing your skin havoc on a daily basis.

Blocked, Open, Clogged, Sore, Dark are among some of the biggest complaints you’ve got about your pores – sound familiar?

And its not just your face that seems to get all the bad luck either, your Back, Chest and Scalp are also common areas to find pore problems.

Now, first things first put down the mirror and stop picking and prodding your skin until its red. There are better ways to minimise the appearance and cleanliness of your pores to leave them clean, fresh and able to breath (so to speak).


Swap your poking session for a scrub session.

You’re going to need to reach for one of our little brown bags (a face scrub is best) and start exfoliating, because it’s the number one beauty trick for removing dead skin, cosmetics and trapped dirt from your pore openings. Gently buffing skin whilst in the shower or bath, when your skin is exposed to hot steam, creates the perfect opportunity to clean out your pores as they will be open.

For your body: Use the Grapefruit Coffee Scrub 3 – 4 times per week. With it’s 100% natural ingredient’s it will help breakdown stubborn oil build up, clean out your pores and refresh your skin with its cleansing formula. It has added grapefruit oil which is amazing for treating oily skin and acne, absorbing grease instantly.

For your face: The Lemon and Tea Tree face scrub was made for this. Pore cleansing is it’s thing with Lemon oil, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil, It’s antibacterial properties ensure your skin is as fresh as it is smooth. It drives away dirt, grime and everything in-between which is causing your pore problems. Think about where your pore problems are a concentrate your scrubbing on these areas. Pat dry, and feel to freshness.


Pause before heading out in the Sun.

Stay out of the sun for long periods of time as it can cause the collagen around the skin near your pores to weaken creating an enlarging effect – or at least make sure you’ve got good sun protection on to help protect those areas. Regular coffee scrubbing also helps to build and protect your collagen, because they’re rich in anti-oxidants – perfect for safe guarding your skin.


Clean Clean Clean.

Treat your skin as your would your house and keep it clean. That means washing frequently as germs and dirt can build up contributing to your blocked pores by trapping oil, dirt and dead skin. This leads to breakouts, acne or even cysts. Wash your face twice a day – especially after exercising. Keep your hands clean and your phone clean, because we all know phones have become like our third hands – plus carry lots of skin clogging bacteria.



Your skins worst nightmare. Pollution. It gets into your skin and starts to break down your collagen. The average size of a pollution particle is up to x20 smaller than your pore making it easy to enter and irritate your skin. Avoid heavily polluted areas for long periods of time and make sure to have a good scrub after a day in the city – the ground coffee with help to detoxify & distress your skin.

Tip: Use the Chocolate Orange Grounded Coffee Scrub to help build up your skins immune system with Orange Oil and Cacao – perfect for city workers.


So if you follow our tips: Scrub regularly, keep everything clean, wear sunscreen plus also eat lots of anti-oxidant rich foods like blueberries & leafy greens your skin will become healthy, clearer and ‘Porefect’ in no time.

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